Biden’s campaign is selling ‘Dark Brandon’ T-shirts to mark 2024 reelection announcement

  • On Tuesday, President Joe Biden kicked off his campaign for re-election in 2024.
  • His campaign is offering T-shirts that feature the “Dark Brandon” meme for $32.
  • The Biden camp initially welcomed the “Dark MAGA” meme, a parody of the extremist right, last summer.
  • The re-election campaign of President Joe Biden is offering a tee-shirt costing $32, which features the popular meme of “Dark Brandon”.

    On Tuesday, Biden revealed his plan to seek a second term in the 2024 election in a 3-minute video.

    —Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) April 25, 2023

    On Biden’s campaign website, a $32 Dark T-shirt is available featuring an image of Biden with red laser eyes and the number ”2024.” The website states that it is “best worn while vanquishing malarkey.”

    Biden’s re-election campaign is selling a T-shirt that includes “Dark Brandon” imagery.
    Biden for President

    In August, after the Inflation Reduction Act was passed by Congress, the meme was initially adopted by those in the Biden camp.

    Andrew Bates, Deputy Press Secretary for the White House, tweeted that “Dark Brandon was performing excellently” at the time.

    —Andrew Bates (@AndrewJBates46) August 7, 2022

    The meme combines the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ slogan which is anti-Biden, with the ‘Dark MAGA’ style, and suggests a tougher version of Biden.

    At first, “MAGA 2.0” appeared online as a humorous reaction to individuals who employed “Dark MAGA” memes, which portray a hypothetical situation where a more dictatorial and extreme rendition of Trump comes back to the Oval Office driven by retribution.

    Since then, the Dark MAGA meme has largely become unpopular on the right – possibly due to the abundance of “Dark Brandon”.

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