Has Bobby Moore’s missing 1966 World Cup shirt been sold again? 

Yesterday, the puzzle surrounding Bobby Moore’s absent 1966 jersey intensified as it was suggested that it had been sold to a different individual owner.

The family of the captain who won the World Cup has been asking for the recovery of the iconic England red jersey.

They were amazed when the Football Association informed them in 2021 that the item they had last seen in their attic had been “discovered” in the possession of an unnamed individual.

Tina, the ex-wife of Moore, and their daughter Roberta requested through the Daily Mail that the person in possession of the shirt returns it. There was no indication that the purchaser had done anything unlawful, as they presumably purchased the garment at an auction.

Yesterday, however, there was an unexpected development, as it was reported the owner of the missing shirt had decided they did not wish to deal with the stress and had sold it off to someone else. It was said the original holder had become intimidated by the family’s assertion that the shirt belonged to them.

Yesterday, the puzzle surrounding Bobby Moore’s absent 1966 jersey intensified as it was suggested that it had been sold to a different individual owner.Pictured: Moore kissing the Jules Rimet trophy wearing the red shirt

Tina, who was formerly married to Moore, and their daughter Roberta, have made a plea via the Daily Mail for the item to be returned.

The writer of an FA book about notorious England shirts, who discovered the Moore shirt two years back and intended to feature it in the book, expressed that he now has no clue about its location.

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Daren Burney, writing for The Times, declined to disclose the identity of the person who owned the shirt as they ‘requested to stay anonymous’. He asserted that the individual was certain their possession of the garment was lawful, but didn’t want to go through the hassle of a disagreement with Moore’s family, who are convinced that the shirt rightfully belongs to them.

Mr Burney declared that lawyers had apprised them that the shirt was no longer held by the same entity and that they had no clue of its whereabouts or who now holds it. He did not give any extra information on the sale of the item or the potential owner.

Tina and Roberta Moore visited the Mail in order to spread the news about the search for their missing shirt, yet they were met with an unhelpful “wall of silence”.

Moore passed away due to colorectal cancer in 1993 at the age of 51, and Tina, 79, is not sure what happened to the shirt when it disappeared from her residence in Loughton, Essex, sometime during the 1990s. It has been proposed that the renowned English sportsman, renowned for his kindness, could have given away his highly valued shirt.

At a banquet held in celebration of the 1966 World Cup squad, West Ham soccer great Moore was seen embracing Tina.

Tina’s collection has been diminished with the vanishing of numerous items, such as the prized yellow shirt that he received from Pele.

His relatives declare that he gave it away to Tina when they split in 1986, which is why it is hers. They affirm that he would never have presented the most significant shirt in his vocation to a stranger.

Moore’s match shirts were stored in a blue leather bag in their attic, while his trophies and medals were visible in the cabinets downstairs. She searched unsuccessfully for years until the Football Association found it had been purchased at an auction for an ‘unknown deceased man’ by a private buyer.

Sir Geoff Hurst, who played alongside Moore, has implored that the shirt be returned to Moore’s family, with both West Ham and the Football Association also supporting the effort to locate it on behalf of the nation.

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