UP Rainbow Pride sells shirts for Pride Fest

U.P. Rainbow Pride is getting ready for the Marquette Pride Fest which is to take place this year.

U.P. Rainbow Pride is a charitable organization dedicated to building a safer and more supportive environment for the LGBTQ+ community in the Upper Peninsula. To help finance Pride Fest, which brings together LGBTQ+ individuals in Marquette and connects them to the local area, they are selling t-shirts.

U.P. Rainbow Pride maintains that donning the shirt conveys an affirming message to the LGBTQ+ community.

Alex Lehto-Clark, Secretary of U.P. Rainbow Pride, stated that it is especially significant in rural areas, like their locality, for individuals to be aware that they are accepted and secure. They need to understand that if they observe something that is firmly connected to Pride, they can come to the place, pay a visit and feel safe.

Pride Fest is planned to take place on June 10th at Mattson Lower Harbor Park. To get a pre-ordered Pride Fest t-shirt, please click the link provided.

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